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The 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition CD.

Re-released, remastered and re-packaged for it's 20th anniversary, now with bonus tracks recorded in the 'Hot Dog Sessions' plus a few bonus tracks from the archives. Limited edition of only 300 pressed !


Track list-

1. Enter Porkman

2. Designated drinker

3. Skankin' carpark blues

4. Harder than it looks

5. Asleep at the wheel

6. Perfect Teeth

7. Chemical imbalance

8. Aporkalypso

9. X-Factor

10. Granny

11. Housewives choice

12. Buyer-logical

13. Deep breath

14. Schooners of the black

15. Soft rock

16. Petrified woodies

17. Prost !

18. Little bitch

19. Bombora

20. Jerkin' back n forth

21. Do you remember rock n roll radio ?

22. Know your product

23. Tremelos over Titania

24. Smoke on the Porker

25. Swingin' nut


CD Porkers Hot Dog Daiquiri 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition.

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