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So we've been working forever on finishing a new album for you, but we're not there yet. So to quench your thirst, here's a CD release of the few album tracks that we've already released digitally, plus a live track, plus a few covers that we've recorded over last few years for various compilations, and one that was only previously on the b-side vinyl only release of 'Make Hey!'.  So here's "A Bunch of Randoms ". 

This CD is very limited edition of 300, and is a fundraiser to help up get that album finished, so buy a few and fill those stocking for Xmas !


Release date : Dec 1, 2021. We'll ship as soon as we can around that date. You'll also receive a download link as part of your purchase as close as we can to Dec 1.


Track list-

1. Big Baby Man

2. Not Fucking Around (live lockdown mix)

3. Make Hey!

4. The Good Egg

5. People Like You & People Like Me

6. Special Brew

7. Emulsified



CD Porkers - A Bunch of Randoms

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